Mo. Jun 13th, 2022

Last week was the first time I did a home office. I won’t need to do it again anytime soon. It wasn’t Corona’s fault that I took home papers, either. My core working hours at the practice simply hadn’t been enough for administration. So I picked up my munchkins from daycare, which also thankfully takes care of them at Lockdown, and enticed them with waffle baking if they would let me work in peace for an hour. The result at first was that they danced around me trying to get my attention, but given my high-seriousness in editing boring lists, they actually trolled soon. In the „ear corner,“ I still perceived that they were gathering in front of the kitchen clock every five minutes or so, discussing the big hand and the little hand and how long it was until 4pm. We’re practicing that right now.

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Conclusion No. 1: My respect for all parents who just work all the time from home and take care of children increased once again.

One hour was not enough, of course. And a promise is a promise. That’s why we had to bake waffles first. After that, I continued with my home office. I realized that working at a too low dining table with a too small laptop screen is really not ergonomic and my lower back was starting to hurt. So I quickly switched to the sofa. At first it was comfortable for my lower back, but soon my wrists and neck started to hurt before i go to chiropractor welwyn.

Conclusion No. 2: Home office at unsuitable workplaces is quite suboptimal for our backs.

Some of my patients have been doing this for months now, and fortunately, with regular adjustments and appropriate exercises, we can keep the consequences in check. Nevertheless, the home office is an enormous strain not only for our musculoskeletal system. For the soul, it is primarily the lack of human contact during working hours or breaks. Some employees also experience a massive change in their field of activity, which can lead to burn-out due to excessive demands or bore-out due to boredom. Both conditions activate stress reactions in our body and in the best case we have sufficient physical and mental resources to shimmy our way through the crisis period.

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